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Each module is 2 days long (16 classroom hours) for a total of 14 days of training. A maximum of two modules may be taken back to back. A delay of at least one month between modules (or two months between pairs of modules) is required to facilitate integration and give time for practice and home study. To enroll for Modules 1-7 please complete the Application Form.

Module 1

Prerequisites: none, although good foundations in anatomy and a complementary therapy may be helpful. In this module students learn the core principals of the Bowen Technique and procedures for addressing the lower back, upper and mid-back and neck and shoulders. These procedures are prerequisite to many of the procedures taught in the other modules. The core procedures can be used to re-balance a client, to set a good foundation for further work, and to address specific back and neck pain. In addition, you will also learn procedures that address the kidney area and the head.

Module 2

The previously learned material is reviewed. The new procedures address the respiratory system, the shoulders, the hamstrings and cramp.

Module 3

All material previously learned is reviewed. New procedures address the pelvis, the elbow and wrist, the sacrum and the knee. Case studies based upon two clients are due at the beginning of the class and will be returned with useful feedback.

Module 4

All material previously learned is reviewed, with new procedures to address the ankle, Hammertoes and bunion, the upper respiratory tract, TMJ and forearm. This module also covers working with babies and children and working with a client in a seated position. Two more case studies are required.

Module 5

All material previously learned is reviewed. The new procedures address the coccyx, shoulder, gall bladder and chest areas. Three case studies are required for this module.

Module 6

All material previously learned is reviewed. The new procedures address bedwetting in children, buttock and perineal pain, bursitis, the thoracic area and recommendations to aid conception. The remaining three required case studies are due in this module. Throughout modules 3 – 6 there will be on-going assessment of practical skills and Modules 3 – 6 also contain a theory assessment of the work covered previously.

Module 7

Thorough practical assessment of all aspects taught in Modules 1 to 6.

Module 8

From 2010 an additional Module is being introduced where the work is refined and additional posture assessments are taught.

Module 9-10

Modules 9 and 10 are the Advanced courses.

Module 11-12

Modules 11 and 12 are the Masters courses.


All BTAA registered practitioners receive 4 issues of Bowen Hands, the quarterly journal of the BTAA. In addition, Accredited Bowen Practitioners are eligible for referrals through listings in Bowen Hands and on the website, and access to the “Registered Users” areas at the website. Some of the highlights of the website are:

  • The ability to keep contact information up-to-date.
  • Participation in the message boards, where practitioners and instructors discuss the best ways to address particular conditions, build a practice etc.
  • Access to Bowen-related forms, worksheets, and other useful articles and documents where they may also post their biographies, photographs and links to their practice/ clinic’s websites.

NOTE: At this time, only courses taught by instructors registered with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech) are accepted toward BTAA accreditation. However, it may be possible for students who have undergone Bowen training elsewhere to upgrade by attending selected modules in reparation for assessment by a senior instructor

All BOWEN SA registered practitioners receive the following benefits:

  • Practitioner listing on the website
  • Practitioner information update form to easily maintain contact details
  • Access to a variety of members-only content and resources designed to assist you to grow your business and develop as a practitioner
  • Individual, customisable, self-managed profile page to market yourself as a Bowen practitioner
  • Monthly BOWEN SA newsletter

Continuing Education

Beyond the basics of Bowen training.

Advanced Seminar
Prerequisites (may vary outside Australia): Accredited Bowen Practitioner status, a minimum of nine months of practice after achieving that status, completion of two Practitioner Review Days A& B at least three months prior to the Advanced course. The advanced techniques, taught in this two-day seminar, include procedures that are useful in difficult-to-resolve cases. The seminar covers the theory of how and when to use specific advanced moves and will impart further understanding of the Bowen Technique. A certificate of competency in the advanced procedures is granted at the discretion of the instructor after the practitioner completes the Advanced Seminar for a second time and passes all requirements.

Masters Seminar
Prerequisites are Bowtech membership, Advanced Certification and up to date refreshers. There are 34 additional procedures. This course also needs to be repeated before the written and practical assessment and certification.

Practitioner Courses and Special Topic Workshops
For details, contact your instructor or regional office, or visit the website.

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