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Welcome to the Bowen Association of South Africa

BOWEN SA was formed in 1998 to oversee the running, promotion and teaching of the Bowen Technique in South Africa.

BOWEN SA is affiliated to The Bowen Therapy Association of Australia (Bowtech ®) with the following specific objectives:

  • To promote and encourage the teaching of The Bowen Technique in South Africa.
  • To foster the highest standards of education and training in The Bowen Technique.
  • At all levels, to represent the interest of professional practitioners of the Bowen Technique.
  • To encourage co-operation and contact between Bowtech ® in South Africa and overseas.
  • To develop and maintain the highest professional standards of conduct and practice amongst the members by means of education, training, codes of ethics and conduct and disciplinary procedures.
  • To sponsor education and research in all matters relevant to The Bowen Technique and to encourage the publication of the results of such education and research and to foster the exchange of knowledge of The Bowen Technique.

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